The Non-Surgical Alternative

Knee injuries can tremendously affect people, especially as we get older. As people age, bones become more fragile, easier to break, and the joints become easily irritated, increasing the chances of developing arthritis. At an older age, surgery can lead to extended downtime when compared to a young person. Fortunately, there is an alternate option to surgery. Platelet-rich plasma injection therapy to help in the healing process of damaged tissues in the body.

Surgery can result in infection or long recovery times; most people do not want to risk it. Instead, they live with the pain and take painkillers to get some relief. Unfortunately, pain medication may help remove the pain momentarily and affect the body in other ways, like affecting the liver and stomach lining. Some of the most abused and misused drugs are prescribed drugs, including Vicodin and Oxycodone.

Although much of the peer-reviewed research, clinical trials, and conditional studies for platelet-rich plasma therapy are still being conducted, positive results are continually being accomplished for qualified people to receive this therapy. Keep in mind that not everybody will respond to platelet-rich plasma injection therapy in the same way.

While more professional athletes decide to receive PRP Therapy rather than undergo surgery, they continue to endure constant pressure on their bodies based on the amount of training they perform daily. Although non-professional athletes do not perform as much, they still put an enormous amount of pressure on their bodies and injuries are still prevalent when constant pressure is applied. However, what professional athletes are noticing and what we also want you to realize is that PRP Therapy is being used by top performers in order to get back in action quicker than they would from surgery.